Our Customers

Zblewski Brothers LLC

Reliable Equipment, Easy to Operate

"Our company mainly handles tree services and land clearing, so we rely heavily on our equipment to get the job done. We've bought a few machines from Miller-Bradford to handle that work, including our CASE 210C excavator and 721F wheel loader. We use both of the machines for land clearing, stump grubbing and moving brush. During the winter we rely on our wheel loader to handle snow, but with the attachments we can easily shift from one job to the next.

"The number one reason we buy CASE is because it's made in America, which is a positive for us. But once you look past that, there are a lot of other benefits to these machines. The excavator is extremely simple to use. I can put somebody in it and teach him how to run it in 30 minutes. Everything in the cab is laid out well and really easy to understand, which is important when time matters.

"Our old wheel loader just wasn't getting the job done. It was a headache the entire time we owned it. Between the computers and transmission, there were a lot of problems with it. After trying the CASE wheel loader, there was no reason to go back."

Excellent Service

"Miller-Bradford is really convenient when we need service. Whether they come out to the jobsite, or we bring the machines in to them, a big selling point for us is their service. "When we first bought the 210C, we had an issue where one of our attachments broke the linkage on the back of the boom. Miller-Bradford came by and loaded up the machine and then let us use the old model we had traded in while they worked on the 210C. That really stood out from a lot of other companies we worked with over the years. They kept us up and running.

"We don't just rely on Miller-Bradford for the big problems. When oil changes or routine maintenance are needed, we give them a call. Actually, a lot of times they call us. When our machines hit a certain number of hours, they can see in their system automatically that it's ready for service, and they call us to schedule a visit with a technician.

"When you work with Miller-Bradford, you're not just buying a machine, but you're also buying their service. The machines they sell are excellent, but I keep coming back because of the service. It's more of a partnership than a sales relationship, and they really stand by their equipment and their customers."

About Zblewski Brothers LLC

Zblewski Brothers is a family owned company that specializes in tree services and land clearing. With over 35 years in business, they proudly serve Plover, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.