Performance You Can Count On

How MBR’s Sales Territory Managers Are Different

Midwestern values with deep, homegrown roots

Trust Isn’t Just a Slogan for Us

Quality, dependability, and trust describe our equipment at Miller-Bradford & Risberg. They also define our sales territory managers. We are homegrown, loyal, trustworthy, true to our word, and we stand by our Midwestern values. We care, and we will work hard to help you succeed.

We Are Dedicated to Community and Family

Family owned and operated since 1944, Miller-Bradford & Risberg develops and employs sales territory managers who bring their strong ethics and values to our company. They are dedicated to their families and their communities, and they jump into their work with that same dedication. Many are volunteer coaches for youth teams and board members of their churches and parishes. We care about our communities, and we care about our customers.

Loyalty Really Is Important

Our territory sales managers haven’t jumped from one dealer to another. While some dealerships only look for reps with past equipment sales experience, MBR hires people who know the industry and the equipment beyond the sale. Many have operated equipment in the field and understand all about how the machines work from experience, but none of them has sold for a competitor. Some started with MBR in product support positions, finding parts for our customers and repairing their machines, then wanted to use their strong understanding of how equipment works to help customers find the best fit for the work they need to accomplish.

We Will Always Do the Right Thing

Our values are Midwestern, where kindness and doing the right thing are our bottom line, and these roots run deep. Our sales territory managers have years of experience that they’ve earned with Miller-Bradford & Risberg. Some have been with us more than thirty years. We think their devotion to our company is a testament to their commitment to our customers and our products. We like to hear our customers refer to us as partners, not salespeople. Dedication to their roles at Miller-Bradford & Risberg is as important to them as their commitment to the products they represent.

Can you afford to trust someone without these attributes when you’re buying a piece of machinery that could cost as much as a new home? We want you to know that our sales territory managers are the people you can trust, because we do care.

Call anytime. We are here for you.